Our Professionals are passionate about providing you with advice concerning global card PAYMENT SOLUTIONS which are customized to your specific business needs.

We help you to expand your business regardless of intercontinental limitations, interchange rates, compliance issues and risks to be managed. Building non-competitive relationships with other acquiring banks allows financial institutions to expand their geographical footprint. Acquirers, PSPs and their merchants are more and more interested in expanding their payment processing capabilities into different regions and industries. FHTPAY is a global payment platform connects them to an international network with global business opportunities.

Resellers and their international merchants will benefit by connecting to our secure full-service payment processing platform. Acquiring banks benefit from our expertise in cultural, legal and linguistic challenges that domestic acquiring banks face when trying to expand internationally. Our professionals provide you with advice about the right payment solutions, customized to your specific cross-border business needs.

In the last decade, FHTPAY built an international network of business relationships with acquiring banks, PSPs, ISOs and their global merchants in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Accept payments however customers shop--face to face, by phone, online and via mobile

We provide visibility across every transaction, powerful payment tools, and a seamless API. FHTPAY's partners and merchants are in hundreds of industries, so we can offer insights and advice to support future growth across each one.

Access our large suite of functionality on one platform Make better decisions with the help of our fraud and risk management tools
Accept payments online, by mobile and in person Get simpler settlement and accounting no matter how customers pay
Offering customers more ways to pay

Credit cards are just the beginning. Customers use a wide range of methods to pay, and preferred payment methods often varies from geography to sector. FHTPAY supports over 300 different ways to pay globally, both online and offline, including bank transfers, eWallets, and all that. We can help you accept the right payment types to allow you to reach new customers and increase conversions.

Reach more customers and make it easy to pay however they want to pay. Working with FHTPAY means you can quickly process all major credit cards worldwide and get card payment expertise that will help your business succeed.

Security Expertise & Fraud Prevention

Help protect your customer data and reduce liability with security options including PCI DSS tools and guidance, encryption and tokenization, and EMV chip card acceptance.

Seamless Integration

Technical integration serves multiple platforms and makes it simple to develop processes to maximize revenue.

What is Mobile Wallet Technology?

In an age where smartphones are everywhere and it seems to be an app for everything, "mobile wallet" technology is becoming more and more popular. As a small business owner, here's what you need to know about mobile wallets.

How does a mobile wallet work?

A customer can utilize all of their stored information simply by opening an app on their phone, entering in a PIN, password or fingerprint and then selecting the information they need to access. The app then utilizes information transfer technology such as Near-Field Communications (NFC) to interact with a mobile wallet ready payment terminals.

  • Mobile wallets store your credit or debit card securely.
  • They may also store your loyalty cards, coupons, tickets, etc.
  • They communicate with terminals using a variety of technologies.

That's where you come in as a small business owner. Without a device that receives mobile wallet information, you won't be able to take advantage of this increasingly popular payment mechanism.

How Can Mobile Wallet Payments Help My Business?
  • An increasing number of customers use mobile wallet technology have benefits businesses for all sizes.
  • Including:
  • Reducing fraud-mobile wallet is much harder to steal or duplicate than cards or cash
  • Decreasing payment time - especially important for high-volume businesses
  • Lower fees - processing fees are expected to decrease over time relative to traditional cards
  • Better customer loyalty - built through sales and incentives sent directly to smartphones
  • Leveraging new technologies that connect directly to a rich software experience in the customer's hand can help enhance their experience and educate them about your company. Innovative small businesses will go beyond merely accepting mobile wallet payments to forming more comprehensive mobile strategies than their direct competitors.