Cross-border ecommerce expansion creates great business opportunities ,the sky is the limit .

Cross-border ecommerce now accounts for over 25 percent of total global ecommerce sales. Millions of international shoppers, particularly those in emerging markets, search online for discounts or items unavailable domestically. With this in mind, online merchants would benefit from expanding their business into new geographical areas and offering a wider product portfolio to service a global market.PSPs and ISOS are being challenged by increasingly demanding clients expecting growth into expanding global ecommerce markets. Profitable cross-border ecommerce offers boundless commercial opportunities, but demands cross-cultural, linguistic and legal expertise from both acquiring banks and PSPs.  

Business growth through international expansion should be the ultimate goal of those involved in international ecommerce, acquiring banks, payment service providers, ISOS and their merchant will see increased profits and revenue, ISOS when focusing their business cross-border.

Ecommerce offers PSP, ISO, MSPS and their merchants far more opportunities to sell products and services abroad than traditional retail. Even though acquiring banks offer domestic payment solutions, banks need a full-service platform and international business partners to offer payment processing for cross-border transactions on a global scale.

In the last decade, FHTPAY independently built an international network of business relationships with acquiring Banks, Payment Service Providers, ISOS and their global merchants in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.