FHTPAY is a global online payment service provider based in Shen Zhen, China.

FHTPAY is providing professional online credit card and debit card payment service with its connection to the banks in China, Japan, Korea, Europe, US and Africa.

And also, with our acquiring relationship with those banks, we could provide our clients with multi-currency online payment and settlement service.

Accepting Currencies
North America Credit Card & Debit Card US Dollar/Canadian Dollar
Europe Credit Card URO/US Dollar/Great Britain Pound
China Credit Card & Debit Card Chinese YUAN/US Dollar
Japan Credit Card & Debit Card Japanese Yen/US Dollar
Korea Credit Card & Debit Card Korean Won/US Dollar
Hong Kong Credit Card HK Dollar/US Dollar
Africa Credit Card US Dollar

FHTPAY also provides its clients with professional online store building, web hosting, dedicated server solution and internet marketing service which means the merchants could be provided with a complete one stop Ecommerce solution.

FHTPAY has an experienced risk management team and IT development team to make your online payment absolutely secure. To learn more, please view our service.

FHTPAY uses 100% online real-time credit card processing system and can accept almost any Internet based business. You will be able to accept your customers online credit card payments and orders by directing their orders directly to the FHTPAY payment gateway.