A worldwide payment service provider to global companies in the most mission critical industries

FHTPAY Information Network Co.,Ltd(abbreviation FHTPAY) is specialized in providing electronic payment service and payment solutions, business scope reach electronic business, air ticket,traditional industry, tourist, restaurant, hotel, entertainment video etc. And constantly assist our merchants prompt efficient, creating value.

FHTPAY always focus on analyzing and researching electronic business application demand, exploring and prompting internet payment application system. We commit ourselves to provide finance level quality payment service for Chinese electronic business. For enterprise, merchant and electronic business company provides full set payment solutions and solve difficult problems of electronic payment. Regarding to online payment service continue paying closely attention to risk control problem. And it has already constructed international highest level standard security system.

We are approved international highest level PCI-DSS payment security certificate . Make sure the security of online transactions.

FHTPAY aim is to provide more perfect internet payment service system. Not only satisfied different kind of payment demands, but also insisting on providing optional payment experience for customers. Constantly improving customer service, and to be the leader of online payment industry.

PCI Compliance Certificate

PCI security certification, co-presented by 5 international credit card organizations-AmericaExpress,discover,Visa,Mastercard and JCB. Aimed at strictly control data storage to guanrantee the security of cardholder's online transaction. For now it is the most strictly, highest level standard of financial institution security authentication.


With Network Operating Centers in UK, HK and additional network management capabilities and operations in many other countries around the world.


We provide flexible solutions to enable our customers to access our network by using the full range of both wireline and wireless technologies.


Through a single point-of-contact to handle every aspect of a customer's communications and secure transaction requirements.

Why companies around the world choose TNS

We provide customers complete solutions that include provisioning, project management, hardware, installation, maintenance, around the clock monitoring and consolidated billing.

We enable the secure delivery of billions of transactions over our private, high-speed networks every day.

We are cooperated with state-of-the-art telecommunications network for high-speed, secure transaction transport to payments processors, improving response and transporting time to milliseconds in some cases.

Our worldwide network is proactively managed and monitored 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It supports a variety of widely accepted communications protocols that are designed to be scalable and accessible, by multiple methods in different parts of the world.

Our technology department will dock merchant PCI requirement , customize and implement merchant's interface. The same city door to door PCI and API support , remote service for domestic & internal needs.

Acquirer Qualification

Since December 2013, FHTPAY was approved the Scheme of third-party Payment Company Qualification by Visa, becoming one of the third-party payment companies which won the approval certification in the mainland of China.

December 2015, FHTPAY successfully processed the audit of Mastercard